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Affordable lipstick for the student party - perfect diary lipstick


I remember that the brand of Perfect Diary was very popular at the beginning, and then I wanted to buy one. Finally, I found this black diamond with high beauty in my "struggle" day and night. Although it is matte, it is easy to paint without pulling it out, and the color is also very uniform. Please watch it carefully. (I bought cow blood color and I love it)


In addition, Perfect Diary lipstick belongs to the middle and low end, and is a domestic cosmetics. Suitable for student party and other groups. Compared with other international brands, such as Saint Laurent, Chanel, Givenchy, Estee Lauder, Tom Ford, Kaziran, etc., the price is relatively low. It is a cheap lipstick.


Five perfect diary lipstick recommendations:


Perfect diary lock color tulle business card lip glaze

Mysterious black gauze business card design, semi-transparent frosted tube body, imitating the mysterious gauze, with the lip color hidden under the gauze, interprets my unique temperament. Light and thin lip yarn texture, strict selection of high quality light and thin oil ester, light and thin as yarn smooth without drying. With Ever-Stay color locking technology, a soft color locking gauze film can be formed on the lips.

There are six colors in this model, which have dark tones on the whole. They are created in the direction of personality# 201 Ignoring tomatoes, thin coating is OK, thick coating is a bit tacky# 202 is tired of roses. The color is similar to that of # 203 expired amber. # 202 is a little more rose and # 203 is more orange brown# 204 Rebellion Heiqiao is a little yellow, and the makeup with earth color will have a sense of atmosphere# 205 Hangover Cherry and # 206 Mulberry Crisis are both cool colors, # 205 is slightly rose, and # 206 is more purple.


Perfect Diary Perfect Soft Velvet Lip Glaze

Gaoding velvet is covered with lip color, and salt is the warm autumn and winter brown with high sense. Inspired by the noble velvet fabric, it is full of color, exquisite and elegant. It is like making a Gaoding dress, and it puts on an imposing lip color for you. The plump fluffy misty lip, which is comfortable without pulling out, adopts DOUBLE-FITTING technology, which is double snug, lasting color lock, and gorgeous and comfortable like velvet. The plate powder imported from Japan, such as the red velvet cake, is used to lift the lips, and it is highly saturated with pigment molecules, which makes it faint and full of color.


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