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4 People Every Writer Needs

Generally, writers are assumed to be humans who like being alone so that they can curl up in some corner with their typewriter or laptop and do their thing. That is not true at all because behind every successful writer there is a whole team to back them up. This team does not involve the publisher or the marketing guru. These people are the ones you need before you finish that amazing novel.

There are 4 people every writer needs in their life and they are:

1. The Supporter

This person is the one you can go to when you are feeling down and need support. Those days when you are doubting yourself and your ability to write, this is the person you go to. He will always tell you how amazing and brilliant you are. During your journey as a writer, you will face many days when you need someone who can boost up your confidence and that is when this person comes in. This supporter or cheerleader is usually someone really close to you like your mother or spouse.

2. The Mentor

The second person you need as a writer is someone you can count on to tell you whether your story is going well or not. This person should be someone who is always honest with you so that he can easily tell you if your work is not that great. This person has the ability to analyze the plot, bad narration, imagination and anything else related to your story. This is the person you can go when you need an honest opinion about your work.

3. Your Partner in Crime

The next person you need is someone who you can talk about your dreams. This is the person with whom you can be yourself and talk about anything going on inside your head. This is the person with whom you can share all your ideas and they are someone who is always encouraging you to follow your dreams. This person can be another writer, your best friend or your spouse. This is the person who will always make sure that you don’t give up on your dreams.

4. People like you

These are the people with whom you can talk about writing and all its different problems for hours without feeling like the other person is getting bored. You can easily complain to them about word count, story ideas and everything in between.

If you want to grow as a writer, you need all 4 of these people in your life because without them your writing life can be dull and maybe disastrous. There is just one more thing I would like to add. Maybe one of these people, the mentor or supporter is actually your muse. Click here if you need homework help online or to see how to go about finding your muse.

For me, I get my mentoring and support from a great place. There are lots of people, who are writers and authors just like myself who mentor and support me and vice versa. That place is the Wealthy Affiliate community. To find out more about Wealthy Affiliate click here.

How do you manage? Do you have any of these or all of these people in your life? Please comment below and tell us how do you cope when things are down?

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