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What is psychology case study?

With psychology case study, you should understand that it is about an individual or a group and related to understanding of their respective behaviours. It is the field of study in which a person is studied with the help of relevant tools and suitable strategies to understand the behaviour of the person concerned and get some clues about him or her. An information such as this can be useful in the medical field to understand the complex patient cases and using psychology intervention to identify something that either cannot be diagnosed or there is no clue which test to undertake on the patient to get to know about his or her disease or reasons that contributed to this state.

How to write psychology case study?

To be able to write psychology case study, you need to take concerns with the following:

Gather information to an extent possible to create a profile for the case study and to get through with the pieces of information that could be useful in the study.

This follows selecting a suitable case study method. In general, there are two methods to choose form. One is the prospective method and the other is the retrospective method. In the prospective method, an individual or a group is observed to get some clues. On the other hand, in the retrospective method, the historical information related to a person or a group is given the due consideration.

The next will be collecting some demographic-related information about the person concerned. This may include age, gender, employment status, relationship status, relationship status, challenges in life, drug and alcohol history, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

This will be followed by describing the symptoms or problems of the subject, which could be an individual or a group.

At the end, it will be analysing the data and establishing a diagnosis method to treat the person. If you choose a diagnosis method, you will also have to support the selection with supportive pieces of evidence.

This will be foll0owed by selecting the treatment approach. The approach for treating a person can be ample number of things. This includes but not limited to cognitive-behavioural approach, psychoanalytic approach, humanistic approach, and pharmacological approach. You can also get primary homework help by well educated experts.

What Is psychology case study solution?

Case studies as known to most of you can be used for multiple number of reasons. This can be used in the field of medicine, anthropology, education, social work and political science. The purpose of undertaking a case study assessment method is to be able to read and analyse as much about a person or a group or something possible as was possible to do. The benefit of this is of course a fact that the findings can be generalised for many other persons facing similar issues.

Why psychology case study is important?

Psychology case studies are important because it enables you to refer to relevant and important theories in the psychology and study a case in much detail to an extent possible. The findings assist with the identifying the diagnosis method or finding out solutions to a problem such as developing suitable treatments. They can also be like a source for future psychologists to base this case study for their empirical studies and utilise the findings to guide his or her work. Having prior case study information can be useful to compare the various pieces of information to help develop the research process in the future. If you need complex analysis assignment help then you should hire our top experts.

What is the most famous case study in psychology?

The most famous case studies in psychology are as outlined and explained briefly as below:

One such is collective case studies in which a psychologist studies a commun9ity or a group of people in certain defined conditions.

Another is descriptive case studies in which a psychologist observes and studies an individual or a group of people while using descriptive theory and be able to compare the research data to the existing theories.

There is explanatory case study that involves investigation of specific occurrence or conditions in order to gather clues on the phenomenon involved in something.

There are exploratory case studies, which involve gathering large-scale research information to be able to gain in-depth insights into the subject to be able to design research hypotheses as well as methodologies.

These studies are held useful when trying to prove that investigations are always important to gather sufficient information prior to developing suitable methods, which is also integral to psychology case study.

Instrumental case studies are there that involves studies about the relationship between the variables to gain insights into a phenomenon.

In intrinsic case studies, the researcher focuses on a single personal subject and how experiencing the same can be impactful for their mental health and behaviours. You can also get target market assignment by top assignment experts.

What are psychology case study's advantages and disadvantages?

There are some advantages of psychology case studies. These are as listed hereunder:

It provides an opportunity to the researcher to analyze the behaviours as well as conditions that may be or may not be difficult to replicate in laboratory settings.

Studies are great source to providing additional insights on a phenomenon for the researcher to gain the better insights into something.

It can also provide some rare opportunities to the researcher to collect as well as document information about cases, which are not in abundant.

It may be like providing new pieces of evidence to support the relevant psychological theories.

It can be helpful for the researcher to be able to develop the hypotheses, which should be useful for other research studies in psychology in the future.

But there are not just advantages of a psychology case study. Instead, there are some disadvantageous as well. These are as outlined in the following:

The case study-based assessment of a case in psychology does not have a scientific rigor.

It provides a very little basis for the generalization of results to a wider population.

The subjective feeling of the research can itself affect the research outcomes. This is also regarded as researcher bias.

This is time-consuming, difficult to replicate and expensive.

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