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5 Must-Read Books To Enhance Your Assignment Writing Skills

What’s the best thing you can do to improve your writing? Read voraciously. According to the best minds who cater to ‘make my assignment requests, reading anything and everything you can find is wise.

Go through your favorite genre, historical fiction, creative non-fiction, or personal essays. Read books similar to what you need to write. And, try to surround yourself with writer paraphernalia, with the inclusion of exceptional books on writing.

To aid you, we will walk you through certain books that will help you with all vital aspects of writing- from finding inspiration to figuring out where to pitch your ideas. Adding these books to your TBR list will enable you to nail any assignment like never before-

  • Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

In the book ‘Bird by Bird, author Anne Lamott narrates her memoir and the story of how she honed in on her craft, becoming the writer she always desired to be. She also offers unique writing strategies that can help anyone, irrespective of what subject you're writing about while including sound pieces of live advice thrown in the mix. Not only is her writing entertaining and funny, but it's also incredibly helpful, and the hacks are hard to beat.

  • On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft by Stephen King

In the remarkable book ‘On Writing’, classic horror master Stephen King narrates the story of his life and how he used experiences to master his craft. It is also one of the most talked about books on eminent coursework help forums.

While King is a reputed fiction writer, his advice can apply to anything you write- essays and assignments. His love for sharing a good story will be contagious as you turn each page of this book.

  • Stein On Writing by Sol Stein

If you’re ready to dig into the bolts and nuts of exemplary writing and you aim to truly improve your assignment writing craft, you can go through this impeccable book by a veteran editor, author, and teacher. There are plenty of books available in the market that share amazing advice for dealing with writer angst, getting unstuck creatively, and living life as a Wordsmith. This book is nothing like those; it will ensure to take you to a new experience by upgrading your skills.

  • Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg

Natalie explains a simple approach to enhancing your writing skill. Using Zen teachings, Natalie encourages writers to follow their first thoughts and ways to trust their minds and bodies to lead them. Her voice is accessible and sometimes vulnerable, and her inspirational methods have helped numerous writers find their voices for over thirty years.

  • Becoming An Academic Writer by Patricia Goodson

This exemplary book offers exercises that will enable you to perfect your academic writing skills by notches. Try out certain of Patricia's weekly activities and exercises devised to help you accomplish your specific goals and improve productivity at the same time. Goodson also uses a variety of examples, scenarios, and other real-life instances that each writer can relate to, which will enable you to develop your skills in the best ways possible.

Read these books diligently, master strategies and hacks, and draw inspiration from examples to nail your next assignments like never before!


Learning how to improve your assignment writing skills takes time and effort- and ample reading. You get to encounter new vocabulary and phrases, and you come across writing styles that suit your particular needs. Read this post to know certain books that will enable you to write brilliant assignments like a pro.

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