International Students

At President College, we welcome students from all around the world. Find out which of our President’s diplomas are the right fit for you. Consider your interests, career goals, and the level of qualification you wish to attain. Explore our application guide on how to apply at President as well as what you need to do before studying with us and after arriving in Malaysia.

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Program Overview

How To Apply ?

The President International Student Office [ISO] is set up in the service of international students at President, alumni as well as students enrolling into President. It is a central hub for all services related to international students. Apart from services, the ISO also has the responsibility along with the student for maintaining the correct and appropriate legal status of the student in Malaysia and where applicable, support for dependents. The ISO also serves as a point of integration between the international community at President and the community at large. Read More: Click here

Before Arrival

This is the general guideline on the process of the issuance of the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) for international students who wishes to pursue their study at President College. This guideline is subject to change without prior notice in accordance to the rules and regulations related to visa application and approval as imposed by the Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM). Read more: Click here

After Arrival

Students are required to go through few series of interactive activities to create the bonding and friendly approached (especially for those students who came from various nationality and background and culture). Read More: Click here

International Student Support

This is one of the most important subdivisions in Presidents ISO. For things to go right it must be done right the first time. Since the implementation of the verification department required corrections have dropped drastically resulting in fewer lost applications and faster processing which further stimulated the branding and trust towards our brand. Read More: Click here

Living In Malaysia

We have, since 2015, begun an active engagement with the police. This means that we
are in consistent contact with them and we want to assist them in weeding out student who abuse their visas and break the law.
Read More: Click here