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Diploma in Estate Management

President College provides Diploma in Estate Management programme. Estate Management is quite a broad term for a number of areas that includes property management, surveying, business and finance and the built environment. Closer ties are beginning to emerge between estate and property management and business and financial practices, and essentially the subject is primarily concerned with the valuation and management of land and buildings in the public and private sector.In addition, graduates will have the opportunity to work as a property managers or valuation executive and junior executives in the public or private sector.


The following are the goals and objectives of the program established by the institution:



  • To produce graduates with sound knowledge and skill in real estate, valuation and property management industry.

  • To prepare the students with enhance technical and practical specialist

  • Toprovide individuals with opportunities of been independent from others by providing various investment opportunities for these individuals.

  • To equip the students with understanding the rudiments estate and management.​

  • Have a broad base of specific knowledge fundamental to an understanding of the estate management role in the real estate, valuation and property management industry.

  • Have a clear understanding of the scope, which the estate management profession operates in meeting the state and clients’ needs.

  • Have an understanding of the legal and technical requirements for the successful operation and completion of estate management.

  • Have an appreciation and awareness of opportunities in the real estate business


  • To provide stellar programmes in the fields of education.

  • To create an academic environment that fosters innovation and excellence.

  • To promote best practice guidelines and equal opportunities

Programme Goals

Programme Objectives

Core Visions


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Program Fees

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