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Diploma in Accounting

Our programme helps you to expert in all major accountancy basics in preparing balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, trial balance, cash flow, bank reconciliation, adjustments and depreciation.


Our programmeassit students to learn the dissimilarities between the international accounting standards and the Malaysian accounting standards in creating financial reports.

Diploma in Accounting supports students with the alternative to obtain productive insight and skills in accounting field. The course is designed to provide the important information regarding principles and concepts of accounting, auditing, taxation as well as analysis of various corporate financial statements.

Programme Objectives

This program is designed for individuals who want to learn business accounting and financial management principles at a level beyond simple bookkeeping or spreadsheet usage. Students will benefit from a background in accountancy or financial management but anyone with an interest in numbers and a desire for a career in Accountancy is a good candidate for this program. Accountancy has always been considered as the language and basic tool of working environment, that is the reason accounting and finance may be the best route to a successful career. The field of accounting and finance has been changing dramatically as the computer revolution, increased government regulations, frequent tax law changes, the globalization of business, and the on-going downsizing and restructuring of corporations.


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Program Fees

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