A-Level stands for Advanced Levels; a qualification sat across the world and is available to anyone who would like to gain a qualification in a subject they are interested in. The programme of A-Level studies involves a two-tiered structure of examinations leading to the award of a certificate. The staged assessment relieves the pressure associated with sitting for one set of final examination papers. The AS (Advanced Subsidiary) Examination tests fundamental skills while the A2 (Advanced Level) Examination is a more wide-ranging assessment.

Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level represents the first half of a full A Level course and gives students the opportunity to study a broader range of subjects without committing to do a full A Level. Students can choose to complete an AS Level examination, and then stop studying for that particular subject. Alternatively, after gaining an AS Level qualification, students can complete the remaining course of study in order to take the A Level assessment.

Bearing that in mind, the programme is designed to cater the needs of the students, taking into accounts the following consideration:

  • Secure admission to his/her desired undergraduate degree.
  • Make an informed choice about what degree they wish to study.
  • Apply the knowledge acquired in the respective fields of study.
  • Have a broad conceptual view of application of the various subjects.
  • Communicate effectively verbally and in writing.
  • Use accepted techniques of discovery and apply critical thinking within and outside the discipline area.
  • Solve problems independently and evaluate opinions and outcomes at the personal, scholarly and professional levels.
  • Actively seek to further self-knowledge and opportunities to grow professionally and be ready to become an effective member of the working community.
  • Continue and succeed in further higher education.

Programme Overview

Program duration and schedule
Intakes January, May and September
Assessment 90% Exam | 10% Coursework
**With the introduction of the 2 phases, students wishing to obtain their A-level have to take the AS qualification in an examination session and the final part of the assessment (A2) in a subsequent session. These examinations are all set and marked by the CIE examiners.
Examinations May, November
Mode of study Full Time
Duration 1 ¼ years
Semesters 2 Semesters
Programme Outline

The more common subjects offered by most institutions are as follows:

• General paper • Chemistry • Business studies • Sociology
• Mathematics • Biology • Economics • English literature
• Further mathematics • Accounting • Law • Thinking skills
• Physics • Computing • Psychology

*In addition to these subjects, students will have to study the compulsory MQA subjects

Semester Contents
Semester 1 Choice dependant
Semester 2 Choice dependant
MPU Subjects – U1 : Malaysian Studies
– U2 : Moral Studies / Islamic Studies
Entry Requirements
Qualifications Academic Requirements
SPM Pass SPM with minimum 5 C’s in Science subject or Mathematics and Bahasa Malaysia and pass English subject.
Or any equivalent qualifications.
A minimum of pass in English is required.
Programme Fees

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